Monday, June 21, 2004

Ah, I spent the day eating, swimming, and playing with my mom's friend's baby. He's adorable. I want one too! ;) :D

It's raining. Supposed to rain all week. I'm thrilled. Can't plant flowers in the rain! :D This way I'll get to catch up on my reading for a bit. Hooray! :)

Although...I still have to unpack. I despise packing and unpacking with almost every fibre of my being. It's wretched, and I think the practice should be abolished. One should just purchase new everything everywhere one goes. :) Sigh...yeah, yeah, I take it back. I'd never be able to condone something that put that much of a strain on the environment. Haha.

So, friends, let us gather together and do something monetarily generous for the people of Bulgaria! Oh, come'll be fun! And for each Bulgarian's life that you improve, you get 10 HPs! (No, not Harry Potter...Heaven Points! And so what if I just created an entire fictional and anti-SDA-doctrinal points system merely so that I could bring Harry Potter into this?!?! AND what?) Hahaha...

Yeah, I need to go clean or something. Maybe the fumes from the cleaning supplies will normalize me. Though I'm sort of doubting that. I think it's the weird sleeping patterns. They're making me a bit squirrly.

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