Saturday, June 05, 2004

And now for some more things that I miss from home, and will be thrilled to go back to this summer...

hot fudge sundaes from McDonald's

rolling up the garden hose and being terrified of the usual spiders lurking thereabouts

selecting the summer's flowers and herbs from the Kingsway Greenhouse, despite my allergies

the dew on the grass in the morning

having a summer job that requires very little thought

the adventures of Polynesian Dancer (PD), Shrivelled Monica (SM), and Queen Star (QS)

chip trucks that have lots of vinegar

boxes of 40 assorted creamsicles, and fudgesicles

random treats from the cafeteria staff during workers' meetings and camp meeting

rapidly disappearing mosquito bites

baby bottles

bothering Minnie into calling us troublemakers

Never Never Land and its successors

Ski Club at Lakeridge

"Cheap, eh?"

laughing hysterically in Quebec Subways

constantly searching for crepes, and never finding any

Canada Day on Toronto Island

Okay, well, today is not a particularly wonderful day, and while that made me a little happier, it didn't make me a LOT happier, so I need to go study now. Sigh.

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