Sunday, June 06, 2004

Beginning to feel that this is blogging gone wrong, but here's something else amusing...

You know you're homesick for Canada when...

-- You search for the French on the other side of your pop can.

-- You miss the sound of Don Cherry's voice.

-- You wonder why Starbucks doesn't sell donuts.

-- You catch yourself describing a great distance as "many kilometres".

-- You crave the taste of Poutine.

-- You wonder why you can't have two men in motion before the hut in your pickup football game.

-- You get completely shocked when you see the newspaper include an article about a local church.

-- You put on a t-shirt when people say it's 30 degrees outside.

-- You don't understand the weird looks you get when you keep the t-shirt on after they explain Fahrenheit to you.

-- You don't notice anything strange when the local convenience store sells Coffee Crisp bars.

-- You remember what quiet sounds like.

-- You have second thoughts about going to the doctor for a broken finger.

-- You think that an article in the New York Times is rather conservative.

-- You tell a Newfie joke to your roommate.

-- You describe your Piano skill in terms of your RCM grade.

-- You stop and think before the end of a sentence, because you realize you were about to say 'eh'.

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