Friday, June 18, 2004

Decision-making without full knowledge of all factors is wretched. It allows for fallibility, which is entirely unacceptable.

I envy those who claim they have no regrets. I wish I were among them. But do those people truly have no regrets, or are they just pretending they don't?

The following was taken from In the Shallow End. Read it. It's good.

Two Kinds of Presents

What kind of present are you?

Really, there are two kinds of presents in this world of pool-dom.

The first kind of present is a large, square box about 3X3 feet. It is wrapped in bright purple metallic paper with sparkles, glitter, and ribbons all over. If you pick up the box and shake it, it rattles and fills the holder with excitement to see what is inside. The box is topped with a bright bow and a tag reading: Enjoy.

The second kind of present is a small, oddly shaped box about 3X3 inches. It is wrapped in plainly colored wrapping paper with a light blue bow. No ribbons, no glitter, no sparkle. If you pick it up and shake it, it doesn't make a sound. And attached to the light blue bow is a tag that reads: Open in five years.

But what the outside of the present doesn't tell the holder is what it contains. The brightly colored box contains a big jar full of jellybeans and newspaper to keep it in place. The small, dull box is encased in velvet. It contains one of the finest rubies in the world, just small enough to fill the rest of the tiny box with tiny diamonds and sapphires.

But, the catch is no one can know the contents before deciding which box they choose.

And you may only have one - for the rest of your life. So, which would you choose?

Which would you be?

I, personally, choose to be a oddly shaped box to be opened in five years.

Whether or not anyone out there is wise enough to choose the smaller, duller box: that is their decision, not mine.


There now, wasn't that edifying? I think it's marvelous, and I commend In the Shallow End on making it available to the general public. I choose the oddly shaped box to be opened in five years, and choose to be the same.

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