Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Didn't actually get around the planting the flowers today. We bought them, though. :) It's because our outside water was turned off for the winter, and it hasn't been turned back on yet.

So instead, I washed the picnic table, mowed the lawn, trimmed around the house, picked up an amazingly large amount of pine cones, weeded around the lilies, and tried to pull up/dig out a dead rose bush until a hornet pestered me and I left. (I so want to spraypaint the pinecones silver and gold, and then scatter them across someone else's yard in the middle of the night. Preferably someone with kids. Hahaha... That would be so awesome.)

After I got cleaned up (my cat got me cat-hairy and the grass got me grassy) I went to Dairy Queen with Sarah. Mmmm...a Triple Chocolate Utopia is so the way to go! Of course, when I had gotten out of her car, I'd locked the door. Well, apparently you're not supposed to do that... It got stuck, and I had to climb through the window. I've decided that when I get a car, I'm going to do that just for fun. I'll open the driver's side door, get in, sit down, close the door, turn on the car, roll down the passenger's side window, get out, close the door, walk around to the other side, climb through the open window, scoot over to the driver's side, and drive away. It's going to be fantastic.

Tomorrow morning we take Fluffy to the vet to get her shots, be shaved (her fur gets so matted during the winter because it's so long that we have to do this every summer after it becomes a horrible "shell" on her back), and have her paw looked at. She started limping today, and it looks like there's something wrong with one of her claws. Gasp! So she's not going to be a happy cat tomorrow. But it's all for her own good.

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