Friday, June 18, 2004

How do you know when something's genuine? For antiques there are experts, for criminals there are lie detectors, and for wooden doors there are grain-examiners.

But what about feelings? What about intuition? Isn't there someone you can go to in order to figure that out?

Sure, God. But you don't get an estimate, a print-out, or a qualitative analysis in shorthand from Him.

Or do you never know? Can you never know? Is there a rule, written in the Books of the Universe, that you can't Know anything for Certain? That everyone must be a relativist, voluntarily or otherwise?

Do you act on your feelings, or do you act on your reason? Both were God-given. How do you balance them?

Do you? Do you even know what your feelings and reason are telling you? Have you thought about it? At all?


ralikat said...

Amen! I feel you completely here. How does one know if one should trust their intution, or even their thought for that matter? *sigh* I subscribe to the saying "Just let your feet fall in front of you".

The path is always there, we just have to remember how to walk it, no?

Diana said...

What if we forget how? Where do we go to remind ourselves?