Saturday, June 26, 2004

I often find myself wishing I cared more about other people without making an effort.

But have you ever wished you didn't care about someone?


ralikat said...


Diana said...

C'mon, we can do it! I think you have to, sometimes, for your own sanity. Granted, you shouldn't do it often. But sometimes it's necessary. Whaddya say?

ralikat said...

I say that it's horrid and wretched to actually have to feel this way on a daily basis, don't you think? I mean who wants to say, "Oh yes. That is exactly what I would like to do today: tell myself that I can no longer care so much about a certain person because if I don't - I think my heart may just disappear."

I'm sure that is exactly how we all want to live, isn't it?

Diana said...

Hahaha. It's dreadful.

But oh today, I am so very much happier. Don't know why... Maybe it's lack of sleep! :) It's like a drug, you know. :D