Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I remember when Outside was a place just as relevant as any other. When I looked at the trees, not past them. When my world was more than just buildings connected by a network of paved roads to be traveled on in an air-conditioned or heated automobile.

The day I found a robin's egg sitting on a log outside still sticks in my memory. I rescued it, and kept it. Naturally, it never hatched or anything exciting like that, but I oddly miss that egg with its fragile sky-blue shell. (Imagine a blue Cadbury's Mini Egg without the chocolate in the centre.)

The lilacs in my yard have always been a mixed blessing. They were and are beautiful, but I never could stand their scent or having them in the house. Probably because of my allergies and because they tended to have some of those tiny green inch-worms in them.

I always liked picking raspberries better than strawberries. We would go out to the farm in Whitby and pick our own. The raspberries you didn't have to bend down to pick! :) But that always makes me miss the raspberry bushes we used to have in our yard. We had both red and yellow, right next to the rhubarb. I saw some yellow raspberries at the Wild Oats Natural Marketplace at Laguna Beach a few weeks ago, and remembered how great it was to just go outside in the yard and eat a couple of raspberries. I had those tiny wild strawberries in my yard too, before the school tore down the old farmhouse next door and built the new one. They destroyed my strawberries, dug up my patch of four-leaf clover, and killed the tree I planted when I first moved here in '90. That was sad.

Well, enough of my reminiscing. I have to go help my mom plant the flowers. Although I really prefer my herbs, and pay way more attention to them than the hideous pink, washed-out looking impatiens we're forced to buy because our house is blue. (I wanted to buy red ones. They were gorgeous, and so dramatic-looking, but they would have looked terrible with the house.) Besides, I deeply love my herbs (though the pickings were slim this year since we bought so late), and I plan to dry them and make tea again. If only I were better at chemistry, so I could be a botanist... Sigh.


Sparkala said...

um, why not red flowers with a blue house?

Diana said...

It's light blue, my darling. And we're not all the type who can pull off short hair and rainbow clothing. ;)