Thursday, June 10, 2004

Life is a funny thing sometimes. There are so many smaller worlds that one has within their larger one. Right now, packing up my room, I'm realizing the contrast between the world that I have at home and the world that I have here at school. It wasn't intentional. I didn't separate them. But they have become that way regardless. Separate and small, and removed from the outside.

When I go home for three months, remaining in contact with my friends from school, will they meld together at all? Or will they remain isolated from one another? Does it even matter?

Ah, the trials of an international student. ;)

We're tearing our room apart. A room where we've spent two quarters together, a room where we've been through so much. The items that have become fixtures in my life are laying in piles all over the floor...including Felisa! ;) (Okay, maybe she's not laying on the floor per se, but it sounded good.) I know I'll be coming back in three months, to start the (sometimes) drudgery of classes all over again. But some people will be gone, others will have come, and it won't be the same.

Ah, the trials of an undergrad. :)

This year has truly been a learning experience on many, many different levels. And I have grown and changed a lot...whether for better or worse. Whichever, I will never forget the people that have influenced my life...the people that have listened to me, been there for me, screamed with me when I was angry, cooked for me, stayed up all night with me, laughed hysterically with me, driven me places...and all of the rest that we've shared.

And those of you who haven't had any room in your lives for me this year...fie on you! As the saying goes: "I was here, but now I'm gone. I left my name to turn you on. Those who knew me knew me well, and those who don't can go to hell!"

Reader 1 gasps. "That's not something Diana would or should write in her blog!"
Reader 2 titters. "It's okaaay...she didn't mean it. Calm's just old camp graffiti...! Sheesh..."

Wow...I so hope nobody who reads my blog would ever say anything even remotely like that.

But I really should be working on a paper right now, so I think I'll go avoid it for a while longer by eating ice cream and sleeping. (But hopefully not simultaneously...or that might be a little bit frightening for poor Felisa to wake up to.)

Ah, the trials of a roommate. ;)

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