Thursday, June 24, 2004

A Little Randomness

  • This morning, at Tim Horton's, I said "sigh" instead of actually doing it. That frightened me.

  • Just got back from my aunt Melonie's. She fed me split-pea soup and Greek salad. Wonderful woman she is.

  • My cat is so amazingly small when all of her fur is gone. Poor cat is outside in the rain, cold and naked. However, she does have a marvelous insulated house to go into should she desire to. But she seems to prefer to huddle on the porch. Weirdo.

  • My dad was saying that if it had been up to him, he would've just had Fluffy put to sleep instead of paying for her minor health issues. I was horrified. Luckily it clearly wasn't up to him. I realized though that Fluffy is like my child. Well, as far as the amount of affection I have for her. There the resemblence really ends. I hope.

  • I can't wait until Woodwork stops operating on Fridays. Then, on Thursday nights, Monica and I can go to Tim Horton's at 5:00am when they throw away all of their old doughnuts, and have a good old-fashioned DOUGHNUT FIGHT. (Oh no, they're not just for weekends anymore!) We'll have to bring Nikki too. Awesome.

  • Ah, and now I will go put on my PJs, drink some delicious Ontario water (straight from the Great Lakes, dontcha know), and continue reading Eragon. It's really getting good now. Hooray/Hurrah/Huzzah!

    Sparkala said...

    but why did that frighten you?

    Diana said...

    It was creeeeeeepy!