Friday, June 18, 2004

So last night, my darling friends (Monica, Nikki, and Sarah) called me up and told me that I was going over to Nikki's for the night, and bribed me with Dairy Queen. I found three giddy girls with Simpson's pop and a piggy bank (yes, it was pig, and a bank) with nine dollars in it. We drove to Dairy Queen, where we got blizzards (cookie dough and Smarties...the best kind) and went back to Nikki's. We sat around for a while, talking. I helped Nikki identify places in Italy for the scrapbook she's making for her boyfriend of his trip there. (Right around the time I went. Weird, eh?) That made me feel all learned and stuff. At around one in the morning, we went swimming in Nikki's pool. The air temperature was about 65F, and the water temperature about 68F. It was awesome. :) Now that's a Canadian activity for ya, right there. And then it was back inside to watch endless episodes of Friends. (Nikki has every season on DVD...) I didn't really sleep, so I plan to go do that now. Monica and Sarah had to be at Woodwork at seven, and Nikki had to be to Wendy's for her last day there at eight. They're crazy. At least I don't have to do anything but sleep until noon now! But I am rather tired. My sleep schedule is amazingly confused.

But this morning, while we were driving back from Tyrone, and there was morning mist over the fields and whatnot...I appreciated it more than I ever have. Living in Riverside (the armpit of SoCal) for so long has done at least that for me.

I took pictures! Perhaps I'll put them up somewhere online. I love my camera. :)


Sparkala said...

lol, you think RIVERSIDE is the armpit of SoCal, wow we really do need to take you more places :)

Diana said...

Oh, what, does Corona beat it? ;)

Just kidding!!

Well, it's definitely one of the smoggiest, right? And in my book, that makes it the armpit. Visit Canada someday for some nice fresh air and to once and for all see the beauty of nature. ;) North Dakota works too, but not if you want to see trees. :D