Monday, June 28, 2004

This morning I got up and went to the Jerusalem restaurant for lunch with my mom, and her two friends. Oh it was wonderful, as usual. Very few restaurants are even on the same echelon as Jerusalem. (While there, we practiced the few Arabic phrases that we know with one of my mom's friends who is Lebanese. Always fun.) Come visit me in Canada and I'll take you there.

Then we went to a wonderful mall that I plan to return to shortly. It's mostly Asian, and it's an amazing place of glory and wonder. :D I found a store called Smart Maple. I wanted everything, including the elaborately shaped erasers. But since I only had five dollars... Well, I discovered the Moomintroll books by Tove Jansson! You can look at the Moomintroll Homepage if you so desire. And read this from that website:

"A Moomintroll is small and shy and fat, and has a Moominpappa and a Moominmamma. Moomins live in the forests of Finland. They like sunshine and sleep right through the winter. The snow falls and falls and falls where they live, until their houses look like great snowballs. But when spring comes, up they jump...."
- Kaye Webb, editor of Puffin Books 1974

Normally I think these sorts of things are highly absurd. But Snufken is cute. And elf-like. And Finnish. Therefore, I like him. Who wouldn't?

Then it was off to Tim Horton's to get coffee. And may I recommend getting half regular coffee and half French vanilla coffee. You don't need to add sugar or anything. It's perfect!

When we went to drop one of my mom's friends off, we found her husband digging a ditch with their six-month-old baby in the carseat three feet away. It was hilarious. (The baby is SO adorable. I must have children. I'll take the risk of screwing them up. They're cute when they're little, and you can mould them into weird people. Also, I'd like to have boys so I can try to raise them to be decent human beings, unlike most guys these days.)

Went to the new Sobey's! It's open 24/7!!!! That's a big deal in this here country. (Now I can get Rocky Road Häagen-Dazs at any time of the day or night! Hooray!) We bought lots of cheese. Seriously. Lots of it.

The Liberals won a minority government. What a mixed blessing... They won't do anything good for the country, but they probably won't do anything too bad to it either. At this point, with things as unstable as they are in the world, nobody wanted to take a chance, I guess. Although the Conservatives did manage to do very well for themselves this time. Steven Harper seems like a slightly more competent man than Paul Martin, but I don't agree with his goals for the country, so what else is there to do but vote for the dude who won't cause too much trouble? As the Liberals said, Health care not tax cuts. Education not tanks. Protect our bill of rights. I have to agree. Privatizing health care like Harper wanted would be a huge mistake, and building Canada's military is just pointless and a waste of money at this juncture. It's already so underdeveloped that we'll never catch up to anyone anyways; we have one submarine--not even one for each ocean. Besides, who's going to attack Canada? And if someone did, the United States would protect us for innumerable reasons, including their own security. Just spend the money on social issues and don't bother with the military. There's just no point. The NDP is kind of silly. And the Bloc just needs to shut up.

Well I think I've said enough.


I am Sqeaker said...

ha ha ha... oh wow. that's funny. heh. pret-ty goood... lol, i like your view on how USA will protect canada. you're right, lol, we would. and raising a son to be decent. didn't you know that doesn't help? if he IS half decent, then he'll probably be killed early on because of like, gangs or something, but it's different up there, eh? lol. well, still. anyway, cool reading this! thanks for keeping me occupied for like... 7 minutes, lol.

Diana said...

Ha! You're right. The good die young, they say. Excellently cynical, I think. :)

And it is different up here, unless you're in Scarborough. Then you stand a really good chance of being shot, despite strict gun control laws. ;)

EschewClaptrap said...

Oh, your comment about the US protecting Canada surely put a fire in my belly! What I don't know is whether you really mean it, or you just said it to tick off your American fellow-bloggers?! We in the lower 48 (plus 2) love Canada and Canadians, but the US cannot afford to keep funding others, no matter how worthy the cause, or how "strategically beneficial" to us. How about assuming responsibility for your own needs, whether individual or corporate? Seems like the ethical thing to do.

Diana said...

LOL! I don't say things to intentionally make people angry. So of course I meant it. But I didn't mean to offend.

It has nothing to do with funding. The fact that the U.S. needs raw materials that Canada exports to them combined with the fact that there is a huge border (obviously) between Canada and the U.S. would make it advantageous for the U.S. to make sure that Canada wasn't taken. Of course Canada has a military to some extent--mainly troops, but rather ill-equipped. And also (perhaps I didn't make this clear) I intended to speak of an emergency situation--one that Canada simply could not fight off on its own, though such an attack wouldn't have to be very impressive at all to succeed. I mean, if it came down to it, Canadians would fight for their country with butter knives and hockey sticks. (Heh heh...we don't have guns. LOL) But until that point, they'd rather send peacekeepers and doctors to other countries than soldiers.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm American too. And though I am not a warmonger, I support the principles that took the U.S. to Iraq.

I guess you could say I'm sort of a Socialist Republican. :)

EschewClaptrap said...

Thanks for clarifying. A question--I'm curious like the cat--how can you be both Canadian and American at the same time?