Friday, June 25, 2004

Well, I went to Class Night tonight at Kingsway. It was great! I saw a ton of people I haven't seen in ages. (Levels...they're pesky.)

Nikki and I decided to take over Micronesia. We'll only have one rule: No Monicas. We'll grow our own food. We also plan to enslave an entire people to make rustwater for us. (Nikki and Diana's Laws of Life will be in effect there, of course. And we can't kill all of the cows from there, so we will be forced to make tons and tons of rustwater.) We will allow the people that amuse us to visit. But no one else.

And then I went to Tim Horton's with Monica and Bob. We decided that because my dream of taking over Cakebread Cellars in Napa Valley (just because I like the name, of course) is fairly unlikely, I could just start Dianaville instead. Then I could decree that one section of the town be called Cakebread Cellars, and force the inhabitants to live in their basements and make cakebread every day. Then, I would randomly visit homes and demand that they produce fresh cakebread for my inspection. Marvelous idea, I think. That is, assuming the original Cakebread Cellars plan falls through.

Anyways, while at Tim Horton's, Kelvin came in with a young lady that I am choosing to assume is his girlfriend. (I was madly in love with him for years. Granted, these years were gradeschool years, but they were years nonetheless, and probably formative ones at that.) It was good to see him again, even if we did only end up talking for a few minutes. I hope to see more of him this summer; I miss talking to him. He's a great guy, really.

I was just happy to be driving around with Monica again, listening to country music. Ah, summer. :)

But as for other people that I talked to tonight that I hadn't for many moons: Peter, George, Nathan, Ian, Matt, Melissa, Erin, Anson, David, Mr. LaPointe, Mr. Bowes, Minnie, Aaron, Jana, Bob, Brooke, Tildon, Othnel, Joe, and probably others that I'm forgetting. My point is, however, that it was wonderful to see everyone again. I missed them more than I realized. (Pesky levels...)

The best part is that it doesn't end now. There are still many more graduation services to attend! Hooray! Haha. I'm going to my own church in the morning, but there's a service tomorrow night, and the usual one on Sunday morning. Augh...I need cards! Have to do that Saturday night at some point, I guess...

I am going to go, read, have another Superlink (mmm...I'm hungry) and then go to sleep! And once again, hooray for the Summer of Reading!

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