Monday, June 07, 2004

Well, the philosophy final is finally over. I've philosophized. Probably not for the last time, and yet it's in the past for now. Odds are, I'll end up taking my philosophy texts home for the summer and will finish reading what I didn't get the chance to before finals. It's really interesting if you're not on a deadline with it.

My exhaustion and nausea know no bounds! (Doesn't that sound exciting? And yet, it's not.) I can't seem to perhaps it's time for a Gravol! Ah, drugs. Such marvelous solutions. :)

I think I may have permanently scarred my roommate this morning. My sleep deprivation got the best of me for a while there... And let me tell you, THAT'S not always pretty.

We have a food pile. Yes, a food pile. It's in the middle of the floor, and garbage and uneaten food are in close proximity to one another therein. That bothers me. What also bothers me is the spider legs that are floating around somewhere from Felisa's arachnid encounters of last night. The food pile is disgusting me. And so I must clean it up. Later. After Gravol and sleep. Unfortunately, I have this overwhelming urge to blog excessively. I'm sure it's been noticed, by at least someone...even if that someone is just some random Egyptian man looking for a green card online...

Can one be miserable and ecstatic at the same time? If it's possible, I know what it's like. If it's not, well, then, commit me. You'll get a fruit basket from my country.


ralikat said...

I've notived *sigh* and I feel your pain. So many online journas/blogs to fill up with so much...stuff.

Also, how do I cash in on the fruit basket? I haven't had a decend meal since....well yesterday but that isn't really the point - I didn't pay for it!

Diana said...

LOL! Yeah, Whitby Psych... Take me there, and get a fruit basket! It's simple! :) If you want the number, I can look it up in the phonebook, now that I'm home. Haha.