Friday, July 23, 2004

I have briefly returned. Thursday morning, we got up and drove out to New York for the Six Flags Darien Lake concert. We got there early to go to the park, of course. I finally got to go on the Superman, as well as several of the other rides. That was great. Apparently Josh, Mindi, and Zach were on the Viper, and a couple of the girls saw him and it was all cute and stuff.

Met a bunch of Grobanites beforehand. Tracy and Stacey were fun to see again. Met Irene and Ira from Toronto. Hadn't met them before, but they were really nice. Saw Lisa from Tanglewood, and Tami from Toronto, of course. It was marvelous to see them. I think Tracy and Stacey are coming to the Greek Theatre on September 10 and 11. Hooray! :)

So we went to stay at the Comfort Inn, where Paul had reserved two rooms. However, they screwed up and only reserved one. So they gave us the executive somethingorother, and my mom, Melonie and I got a jacuzzi! We had a can of Fri-Chik, but no can-opener. Repeated throwing on the ground of the can only resulted in a warped piece of tin that, in the end, still entombed the Fri-Chik. Ah well. So instead we ate cheese strings, blueberries, and roasted soy beans. Which was all we had. I swear. Then Melonie and I watched some dumb movie on TV, filled with American post-post-emancipation strife. Fantastic. I fell asleep partway through. But maybe that was because it was 4am, and I was really comfortable in that king bed.

So anyways, we got up and left by 11am. By 5pm, we'd traveled about 35km. That's what happens when you travel with women who want to stop at the Cracker Barrel and eat grits, the mall to buy a can-opener and assorted jewelry, the Olive Garden to eat more eggplant...

Finally we got to the Falls. The Niagara ones. Yes, for the zillionth time, I've gotten to watch water fall over the same really big rock. Incredible. And so, Melonie and I stationed ourselves in front of the falls, near the band, and as close as possible to the crossing guard. Heh heh heh... Soon, an Irish guy and his older relatives came and stood by us (we had prime real estate there, I tell ya). Listening to them talk strengthened my resolve to finish my English and History major, and move to Ireland. Ah, the Irish... Soon it got dark, and the lights came on, and the water falling over the big cliff started looking alternately like Pepto Bismol, urine, milk, liquified Barney, chlorinated water... Oh yes, coloured lights. Fancy, eh? Just as we were leaving, they had fireworks. They were really close by, so they were quite amazing to watch. Of course, in my mind, a fireworks display equates to a perfect opportunity for terrorism. But maybe that's just excessive worry. Clearly, I'm home now, very tired, and about to leave for Kingston in the morning.

Some guy, talking to his daughter: See those little tiny falls over there? They're the American ones. And those really big, beautiful falls over there on the other side are the Canadian ones.

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