Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Interlochen. Interlochen, Michigan. If I'd known it existed, and/or cared, this is the summer camp I would have loved to go to. (Hmmm...) With tiny cabins housing grand pianos for practice, and a lake full of baby piranhas, who wouldn't enjoy it?

Well, I did.

And of course, the presence of Josh Groban helped that emotion along.

The trip there was long, but I got a lot of reading done. And Paul enlightened us on the philosophy of the truck, part of which states: Men only drive small trucks because they don't have money for big trucks.

Rather remarkably, Josh sang an alternate version of Canto Alla Vita, playing synth at the beginning, singing in the middle, and playing a full-out drum solo at the end. It was amazing. Of course, he did his usual piano-playing for Remember When It Rained, my favourite song from Closer. It was a wonderful concert. As usual, Lucia's parts of the show were beautiful, and the band was incredible.

Josh clearly had a great time, playing for the Interlochen campers that he used to be one of. Mindi Abair opened for him, and I was very impressed with her. Apparently it's possible to be a rockstar with a saxophone. Who knew?

I talked to Zach (marvelous man that he is), Tim (whom I'd never talked to before, but who was far nicer than I'd expected), and Eric, and said hi to Tariq.

And I did somehow end up down at the beach with the bass player. ;) Ah, a grand night it was indeed.

It's like I was stuck
In this amusement park
And I am less amused all the time
It's like I played all the games
And went on all the silly rides
Feel like I went up too high
I was spun round too many times
'Cause I can't help feeling sick
And tired

- Martina Sorbara, "Call Wolf" from The Cure for Bad Deeds

We met my uncle Allan, my aunt Heidi, and my cousins, AJ and Andrew, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and ate at the Olive Garden with them. And of course, we "Joshed" our waiter. Hey, he asked. ;) We followed that with a trip to a Cost Plus World Market. Oh, how I swoon for thee, World Market. Then, to avoid traffic, we detoured to the local mall, where I bought nothing. (Congratulate me!) My aunt said that some guy was checking me out. But what made this particularly remarkable was that he was wearing a wife-beater. Not remarkable, you say? Well, I never can think well of a man in a wife-beater or a silk shirt.

I finished Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis and The Wish List by Eoin Colfer on the way back. The first was profound and beautifully tragic. The second was, of course, brilliant and filled with witty, cutting dialogue. Then I began The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom. Someday, I hope that I can write things that touch people, that mean something...things sharp enough to cut away the veil that separates so many of us from peace and contentment.

The torturous and slow process of personal growth is taking me over. I can feel it, constantly, like an ache that won't's draining, it's's real, and I hope that it never ends.

I am not
Going to be
Like I was
I am
I am

- Jann Arden, "Saved" from Happy?


Chelsea said...

I've had "5 people..." on my bookshelf for the longest time ever. I haven't had the chance to start it.

You're so lucky to have seen and listened to Josh Groban sing in person. *sigh!*

Diana said...

I know. I AM very lucky. You should see my pictures! :)

But I rarely get to talk to Josh anymore, so I remain happy with Eric Holden. :D He's a real cutie...very sweet and sincere, and just really has a great time when he plays. You can tell.

Ahhh...Josh...and bass players... :D