Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Last night I had mild food poisoning. It was terrible. I think it was the feta cheese that I ate. Although it said it was good until the 18th of this month, it clearly wasn't. I ate it with something else, so I didn't notice that it didn't taste right at first. So I spent most of last night writhing in pain and regurgitating. (Yes, I like to use the medical term because it's somehow less gross and more gross at the same time, which fascinates me.) It was very unpleasant.

Today, after getting back from buying Rubbermaid containers at Zellers (never go...everything's overpriced), I noticed that Fluffy's ear looked odd. I looked at it closer, and it looked all swollen. So, we got in the car and drove her over to the Oshawa Animal Clinic. For the nominal fee of $60 (ha!), they told us that it was an aural hematoma, rarely seen in cats, usually in dogs. Lucky Fluffy, lucky me. So now I get to pay another $450, for another general anesthetic and the surgery. That cat is being such a pain. She's never had any major problems before, and she's falling apart now. They say we could just leave it, but then her ear might be deformed ("cauliflower ear"...ewww...) and it would be really uncomfortable for her. So I obviously can't do that. Sigh. Once again, she'd really better appreciate this, because I so don't have the money for this...

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