Sunday, July 04, 2004

So, CANADA DAY JAM 2004 at SUNNYSIDE PARK in TORONTO was TONS of fun. :) The performers, nearly all favourites of mine, were:

Paul Brandt
Carolyn Dawn Johnson
Jason McCoy
Aaron Lines
Deric Ruttan
Aaron Pritchett
Jimmy Rankin

They were all WONDERFUL. I got to meet Paul Brandt and Aaron Pritchett. I've been a fan of Paul since I saw him on Dini Petty when he was MY age. He's 28 now. That makes me feel old. But, yeah, he was SO cute in his hat when he was 19... ;) I told him how much I love the song "Convoy" on his new album. It's so awesome. He just kind of laughed and said, "It's a fun song." He signed my little Canadian flag that I got from the booth some art students had up to sell their paintings. Monica and I tried to get pictures with him, but my camera died right when we got to him! It was terrible! Paul said if I got it working, I could "tell Tony" and he'd let us back in, which was really sweet of him, since he completely didn't have to do that. I found Jess the Grobanite from Montreal (she's awesome) and she saved the day with her camera. Whew! But earlier, Monica and I met Aaron Pritchett just outside the beer garden (haha). He signed some little pamphlets we'd gotten from the CMT booth (where they also gave us beach balls and took our picture for free with a Polaroid!). And someone took our picture with him (when my camera was still working), which you can see at Diana's Odd and Senseless Pictures. He was really sweet. We said thank you, and he just sort of hugged us and said, "No, thank YOU!" It was adorable. I'm a BIG fan now! ;) And as I believe I have mentioned before, he clearly wasn't wearing a ring. I may have to stalk him. ;) Haha... Just kidding! (Like Pam...)

My mom wasn't too thrilled by the whole event. She hates country, aside from the Oak Ridge Boys and Alabama. But she sat through it for me, which was wonderful of her! Especially since it was like ten hours of country music.

It was a really fun day, and I had a great time, surrounded by happy Canadians. :) Oh how I love Canadia. :D I must live here after I'm done with school. Often, I wish I had gone to U of T or Queen's, and taken Canadian Studies. Then I could get a job with the government and "get paid to pick my nose" as my aunt Melonie so eloquently put it. ;)

When Monica and I walked down to the white bridge, some guy saw us while he was walking by and said, "Helloooo Canada!" Haha. It was hilarious. Particularly since we were both wearing maple leaf and CMT tattoos, carrying flags, had flag stickers on our back pockets, and were unwashed-looking. I guess, in the words of Aaron Lines, "you can't hide beautiful". (Bit of an inside joke there...sorry.) :)

Afterwards, there were people setting off bottle rockets. And of course they had the big fireworks over Lake Ontario. They were amazing. They always get a barge and set them off from the lake. It's so cool.

As we were leaving, people were honking (yes, in a celebratory fashion) and whatnot. And then there was this beat-up car with a bunch of guys (who'd probably been drinking...). They were holding bottle rockets out their windows and lighting them. Can you say "gas tank"? Stupid. But then one of them, in the stop-and-go traffic leaving the city, climbed out a window, grabbed a pylon, climbed back in, and held it out the window as they drove. It was incredibly odd, but very amusing for the rest of us.

On Friday I was listening to 95.3 (the station that sponsored the whole concert), and I decided to email Bob Steele and tell him how nice Paul Brandt was to Monica and I, with the whole picture-taking fiasco and whatnot. So I did. And a few minutes later, someone called in and asked how they could email Bob a picture from the event. He said to go ahead and send it to the email address on the website. So I sent him the picture of Monica and I with Aaron Pritchett. Later, he says, "We're gonna roll out some Aaron Pritchett for Diana K and all of the other Aaron fans who've been emailing me..." So that was amusing. Then later, he read my email on-air, about Paul Brandt. That was pretty cool. And then after that, he played one of Aaron's songs, "New Frontier", and said, "And that was Aaron Pritchett's New Frontier, and I'm sending that one out to Diana and Monica who've been listening from Oshawa..." So I had to call Monica up and tell her about that.

Anyways, it's been so great to be home, and spend time with my family and friends. Monica and I have had a great time. And we'll continue to, I'm certain. We endlessly amuse one another. Haha.

And now I must go look outside and see if it's too humid to plant my garden or not. (I'm doing it sooo late this year that I probably won't even have anything by the time I go back to school. Sigh. Oh well, I'll have herbs!) :)

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