Monday, July 12, 2004

Sunday...the glorious day of Andy. Also the day I started feeling really sick, but mostly the glorious day of Andy. My aunt called to wake me up, and we drove off to Mississauga. Before we went to Andy, however, we had time, so we went to get Booster Juice (kind of like a Jamba Juice) and subs. Andy was, of course, as glorious as ever, if not more so. He was extra nice to me, because I was sick. I even got a hug out of the deal. Heh heh heh... That was nice. :D He gave me advice on men, which was basically: They're all really stupid. You have to find one that's trainable, but with a mind of his own, which is difficult. And he also advised me to use sex as a reward when I'm married. Haha. Gotta love the man. And I do. I normally find tattoos unattractive on guys, but his don't bother me. And he works out. ;)

I've always said that if I were to be able to choose one person on the face of this planet to have a wild, passionate, forbidden affair with, it would, of course, be Andy.

Well anyways, Melonie didn't have time to take me home before working the nightshift, so we went to Starbucks and Chapters first. I got a new book, because I'd stupidly forgotten to bring one along. So I spent the night with her at the hospital! (She works in the nursery.) I watched Legally Blonde 2, which was rather stupid, but entertaining nonetheless. And I read some of my marvelous new book. I ate cream of mushroom soup, Mr. Noodles, and cookies, and I got to have blankets that had been in the warmer for babies. Heehee. There were no babies in the nursery when we got there, but late at night a woman gave birth, so Melonie had to go be there to take the baby after it was born. I slept in scrubs in a hospital bed. On the whole, it was rather nice. Perhaps I should reconsider, and go to Southern to be a nurse.

Today I basically just slept, read, and ate some. Melonie is looking after me, thank goodness. But I still feel like hell.

Melonie also drained Fluffy's ear again. This time she used the stickier tape instead of the silk tape, and left the catheter in. She also bought a cone for Fluffy's head. Poor Fluffy. But maybe this will help more. Apparently she had like 7mL of blood to drain out this morning. Sigh. I don't know what to do with this cat.

Anyways, I'm dying of heat, and I feel horrible, so I must go and lay back down and concentrate enough so my head doesn't explode.

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