Sunday, July 18, 2004

Well, I drove partway to the cottage. It was lovely. I love it up north. (I totally forgot to take my digital camera. I was so angry at myself when I discovered that.) I must move to northern Quebec or Ontario. I figure that if I present it the right way, Canada will pay for my cottage up there so I can write stories with Canadian themes. ;)

The cottage inhabitants: Gis and Prascilla, my uncle Jere, Tim, and my grandparents. My mom, Paul, Melonie and I were the ones who arrived.

I got up there, sat for a while and read until we ate. We had shish kebabs that Gis grilled. Mmmm... Quite delicious, I must say. Then we went out on the pontoon boat. We went to the cliffs and a bunch of us went swimming and cliff-jumping. Gis and my uncle discovered wild blueberries, so Melonie picked a bag full that Tim put into pancakes this morning. I went fishing off the boat at the cliffs, but didn't catch anything, unfortunately. My uncle brought the tubes, and a bunch of us tubed behind his new boat. This boat is awesome. It's a 150 (his old one was a 200), but it's much lighter. He had it up to 70km/h, which was awesome! (I rode in that boat later on. The wind in my hair...ahhh...haha.)

Then we came back, and I fished (again unsuccessfully...this must be a bad year for fish...I'll have to go out in the rowboat at 5am one of these weekends and hope to catch something) off the dock. Gis grilled some hotdogs and burgers for supper, and then my grandpa lit a fire. We sat there for a while, talking. Then we had s'mores! Prascilla made them, and they were very delicious. It was quite nice of her to make them for everyone, too. Melonie gave Tim and I some firecrackers and we shot some off the dock and into the water (which is always fun, since they explode underwater, obviously), until a few resurfaced before exploding, and made noise after "all quiet on the lake" time, and we had to stop. My grandparents, my uncle, and Gis and Prascilla sat by the fire for a long time, talking, which was interesting to listen to. Tim and I sat on the pontoon boat seats and looked at the stars. The sky was perfectly clear. I saw eight shooting stars! Across the bay, behind the treeline, you could see lightning, too.

Anyways, when we finally got back to driving home, early this morning, I swear I saw a sloth on the road. I mean, I know we don't technically have sloths here... But that was a sloth. Either that or a large white fuzzy footstool. I almost hit a couple of skunks. But I saved us, thanks to my lightning-quick reflexes (demonstrated also when I missed the turn into Tim Horton's, and just made an incredibly illegal u-turn back...hey, there were no other cars, and I'm sure the police in the police station next to the Tim Horton's were all too busy eating their doughnuts to notice anyways). :)

So then I came home and slept, having been up for almost two days without much sleep at all. I went outside a bit ago, and picked some (slightly deformed) raspberries from the bushes by the shed, and just enjoyed hearing the thunder. I took some pictures of the sky, and found my cat. She didn't look happy, what with the bandage on her shaved ear. Heh heh heh... Now she looks really stupid. :D At the moment, there is lasagna baking in the oven, and I've listened to my new country CD that I made twice today. In other words, I'm well-rested, I had a great time at the cottage (Gis and Prascilla were fun!), and I'm in a wonderful mood. All that and I'm taking the week off Woodwork to go see Josh in New York and Michigan. Could life be better? :)

(Shhh...Diana, don't tempt Fate.)

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