Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Keep alert--keep alive. This is what the signs posted around my place of work instruct us, amidst line drawings of hands being crushed by gears or ripped to shreds by exposed saw blades. It may astonish some of you who know me well that I am still alive in a place where keeping alert is one's only protection against shuffling off the mortal coil. Quite frankly, I'm rather surprised myself.

Today my suspicions that Peter of the Tenor beside Cutoff is a wolfman, or werewolf, if you will, were greatly increased. Evidence follows.

1) His physical characteristics.
He has black shaggy hair, and a gray-white shaggy beard. His nose is rather sharp, and he moves like a wolf might if he were capable of walking upright.

2) His behavioural tendencies.
He tends to stumble on occasion, probably because the flourescent lighting is so far removed from the light of the full moon. He can probably see almost better at night than inside the Mill. His speech is a little bit rough and unrefined. And today, when I threw a small piece of wood at Matt because he poked me, Peter looked at it almost as though he would have liked to fetch it. (Mind you, a wild wolf would not fetch, but one exposed to human influence, either from the outside or within, as the case may be, might.)

3) His attire.
He frequently wears shirts or hats with wolves on them. This is either subconscious or it is intentional baiting; he may want someone to discover his terrible secret so that he doesn't have to bear the weight of it alone, even if it means confinement, or worse.

4) Folklore.
"Peter and the Wolf." Coincidence? I think not.

I am almost on the point of mentioning to him that I know another of his kind in California. I would, if that wouldn't lead him to think that I am insane (should my suspicions prove false), or might expose the identity of the other one I know. Both would probably be unpleasant at best. Now, the other one that I know hides the truth slightly better. Peter has a cruder knowledge of concealment, in my opinion, and perhaps isn't quite as intelligent.

I am not condemning Peter for being a wolfman. Oh no. In fact, I find it quite interesting. So don't get the wrong impression. However, I offer you the circumstantial evidence that I have gathered so that you might reach a conclusion as well. I shall continue to Seek the Truth, which is all I desire.

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