Sunday, August 01, 2004

Last weekend, I went to Kingston, for Pam's annual family reunion. On the way from her parents' house to her aunt's house, we came to the little town of Delta. It was the weekend of the Delta Fair, starring Shania Twin. Yes, Twin. And no, it's not really her. Clearly. Anyways, the parade was just beginning when we got there. Of course, Delta only has one road, and it is neatly situated between two lakes. So, we were forced to pull off into a gas station/grocery store, and watch it go by for 45 minutes. Ah, it was truly impressive. There was the OPP in all it's glory, leading and tailing. And, of course, many floats by the Shriners, for miles around. Ottawa, even. And little tiny cars, being driven by...Shriners! And an "Oriental Band" (which was terrible, by the way) made up of...Shriners! Hurrah for the community spirit of the Shriners!

In any case, after that, we proceeded on to Pam's aunt Carol's house. Carol's husband makes his own maple syrup, and keeps bees, and then sells his wares at the local flea market. He also sells plants. He's a fine fellow, who played his guitar and sang marvelous songs like "Rocky Mountain High" and "The Squaws Along the Yukon". He told us that the idea that "rural people" have of a stag party is getting together with a case of beer. To liven things up a bit, they sometimes have minnow races. Oh yes, minnow races. Fascinating sub-culture, really. Thrilling, fast-paced, and all that. Pam's uncles are awesome.

Uncle Tony, 74, and dating after the death of his wife three years ago gets up to leave.
Uncle Rick: Where are you going? Got a hot date?
Uncle Tony: Well she isn't now, but I hope she warms up later!

Then we returned to Pam's parents' house for the night and the next day. We swam in their new pool, which was quite entertaining. Pam's dad, Art, keeps a bull.

Pam: What's the bull's name?
Art: Cow.
Me: Woah. How emasculating.

Cow had a brother, but he fell down a well.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were ten-hour days at Woodwork. Yay. I think I did stuff in the evenings. But it's all become a blur of sawdust and aching muscles.

Friday my mom and I drove up to the cottage. There was traffic, which there usually isn't at that time of day, because of an accident on the 401. It took us four hours to get there. Insanity! My grandparents were up there, in their trailer. And my uncle, Gis, Remy, and Tim were as well. It was rainy, so we didn't really do much. We mostly just talked. But it was quite fun anyways. Thoroughly enjoyable. We came back late Saturday night, because we both had stuff to do today. My mom had to go to Andy, and I had to go to Monica's mom's wedding.

Ah, the wedding. It was marvelous. It was a nice ceremony...short and to the point, but nice. Which I greatly appreciated. Monica's mom looked very nice. Her dress was beautiful. Monica looked lovely herself, of course, and also had a very pretty dress. Weddings are such good excuses to acquire dresses. :D The reception was at 4:30, in an area of Oshawa that I've never seen before. Odd. The best man was highly amusing. Friends of the bride had grape juice, and friends of the groom had wine. Also highly amusing. The food was good, and I got to meet some of Monica's cousins that she's always talking about, which was interesting. I think that Mark and Liisa will be very happy together. I hope so, anyways. Let us pray that their marriage is not a box, taped shut, but a pretty lidless wicker basket.

And there was dancing! Oh it was wonderful. I finally got to dance with someone male! Hurrah! :D And with Monica's charming and attractive young male cousins, too! Josh and Chad. Very sweet. But of course I danced with Monica too. I was highly thrilled by the dancing, and quite glad to get some use out of the dress I bought to dance in in Italy but never used for such. Well, it's been danced in now, and happily, too.

Paul, after my repeated observations that I'd danced with charming and attractive young men that aren't related to me: Do you feel sinful?
Me: No. I feel happy. And if that's a sin, well, I'm going to hell!

After the bride and groom left, and everything was winding down, Monica and I got a ride in the best man's Corvette.

Some man, to the best man, as Monica and I squished into the single passenger's seat: Well, now, doesn't this look familiar...

Ah, dancing and young men and fast cars. And all in one night. I think I'm spoiled now. Sigh. But oh well, it was worth it. ;)


Miss K Risque said...

i guess im goin to hell too... oh well see you there!

Sparkala said...

corvette. nice :)

You know, it's been years since I've been invited to a wedding. It's almost enough to make a girl think it's going out of style.

Diana said...

It is. It's a useless institution. We should just hold wedding receptions, minus the bride and groom. What say you to that? ;)