Sunday, August 22, 2004

So many delightful activities have passed since last I blogged that it would be a travesty to attempt to recapture them all at this point. And so I shall leave you with only these few key words, so that I don't forget them myself:

Balsam Lake
Wasaga Beach
four consecutive
Alien movies until 5:30am with Tim and Melonie
the old Payless and its children
the Olympics
child-filled hotel swimming pools
the Olive Garden
turkey slices and cheese strings
Operation Chaos
road trip to GC? LOL!
Joe's abandonment
"Need a taxi?"
endless shopping

And now I shall share with you a song that I wrote while going to Buffalo last weekend:

The Border Song

Stop here,
Proceed when clear.

Where are you from?
How long are you going?
Why are you going?
Where, what, why, who, when?

Stop here,
Proceed when clear.

At the Canada-US border,
Here we are to cross;
To step over the line,
Go from one to the other.

Stop here,
Proceed when clear.

Firearms or contraban?
Cuban cigars or Molson?
Plaid shirts or Coffee Crisps?
...Any prescription drugs?

Stop here,
Proceed when clear.

Leave that Monopoly money.
Don't bring your Tim Horton's in here.
Stop looking superior.
You have peace but we have guns. Ha!

Stop here,
Proceed when clear.

And there you have it! Brilliant, eh?

Sometime I will share the new series of children's books that I'm working on with you. And you'll be astounded at my (and Monica's) creativity once again! Hurrah for us! :)

But now I shall go, and read, and then sleep the sleep of one who is content in so, so many ways...for once.

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