Friday, September 17, 2004

Well, I'm all moved into the dorm. That is, my possessions are currently existing within the confines of the four walls that have been assigned to me by my charming RA. In Rubbermaids. Mostly.

And, well, I am about to re-enter THE VORTEX of my life at La Sierra (not to be confused with the extremely thrilling rollercoaster at Paramount Canada's Wonderland). And it truly is a vortex. Hopefully it won't be quite so vortexy this year. I'm hoping, anyways. Let's all have a moment of silent prayer together. Ready? Go!

What an interlude that was. Amen.

I suppose no one wants to play the game where everyone says five good things about Diana, do they? I like that game. However, I must stipulate that such comments as, "She's wearing clothes," are not accepted and futhermore, are entirely unappreciated. Keep a loving, Christian spirit, eh?

Well, I must go. I am being forced to eat pizza and salad. Poooor Diana. So persecuted, so despised.


Frankie said...

Aw, what? You don't like the SH vortex anymore? :'( We feel hurt... and the building too! :P

Diana said...

Well, my darling Frankie, it was a scary, scary place last year, was it not?