Saturday, September 25, 2004

Yesterday there was a long period in my day during which I felt more than inclined to write another one of my long spiels about how sad I am for humankind. But then my day improved and my depression for the race to which I belong was pushed to the back of my mind. Whew. That was close, faithful subscribers.

The vespers concert was impressive. K.C., of course, was marvelous. But that goes without saying, right? ;) Jay was also quite wonderful. I need that young man to give me piano lessons... I miss them. They were fun. Funish. Sort of. Everyone else was great as well, naturally. I would say, "Props to you all!" but that would just sound awkward coming from me. So I'll refrain. But you know I mean it, anyways.

And I think I'll go back to listening to the Eagles and trying not to fall asleep. I'm so glad I'm going home for my mother's wedding. It's making me very happy. I miss the cold. I suspect my heart needs the refrigeration. It might just be thawing.

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