Sunday, October 17, 2004

I'm Not Your Lover
by Jann Arden

I'm not your lover
And I am not your baby no more
I'm not your girlfriend
And you don't have to tell me
'Cause I already know
You already broke me down

I'm not your perfect angel
I am not your one and only
I'm not your sweet magnolia
It's not like you never told me
Love was just a fast car
And I was just a cross on the road

Now you've got my tongue all twisted
You've got me all strung out
I'm lining up the pieces of my heart
On the kitchen floor
Is that what love is?
Is that what love's all about?

I'm not your lover
And I don't think you ever loved me
I'm not your partner
And I don't think I ever could be
Love is like lightning
Thunder's what you've got when it's gone...

I love this song! :)

I remember it from my childhood. Around third grade, I guess. It was fantastic. :D

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