Sunday, October 24, 2004

What must it be like to watch the icy fingers of Death creep closer and closer with each passing minute? To stare at the clock at night and think, Why am I sleeping?! I'm wasting time... To feel the air in your lungs each morning and the steady wave of relief with each breath? To cling with all of your might to the love of your life each night? To remember all of the time you spent angry or rude or jealous or judgmental? To tell everyone you can how much they mean to you? To look back on your life and wonder if your selfless moments outweighed your pettiness? To stare at your family photographs, reliving each moment in your heart, feeling the thrill of each recalled memory, the ache of each regret? To feel your body wear out, day by day? May she have the strength to bear it, and may she pass on in Christ.

My neighbour has three to four months to live. Pancreatic cancer found during a routine check-up. Please pray for her.


Greg said...

You're still sick aren't you? :p

Diana said...

LOL! Yes, I am. :D

But no, as marvelous as it would be were I writing about myself (simply because then my Hamlin/Public Speaking classes would be at an end for me), I was not.

Greg said...

Ouch... Now I look horribly insensitive. The internet does not have the capacity to hold the number of frownies your post deserves. :-(

Mortality, that little buzz in the back of your head that no one wants to deal with until they are forced to confont it. Because how many of us can reach that ideal, that upon our passing, our loved ones do not mourn a loss, but rather celebrate a life well lived.

Diana said...

Of course you don't look horribly insensitive. I should have qualified my post earlier. I was actually quite amused, as inappropriate as that might be. LOL

ralikat said...

My deepest condolensces for those who need it most.

And to Greg - by all means, you do clearly look insensitive! ....kidding.