Sunday, October 31, 2004

Wow, so that was like a 20-hour party. Incredible!

Personally, I thought it was wonderful, dancing and all. :)


Greg said...

Does that include the time change? Or is it really a 21 hour party?

Sigh... I should not have left at 2 AM. Of course, how was I supposed to know the party wasn't even half over? And the murderous woman with the knife was scary. Very, very scary. :-(

Sparkala said...

Um, the last of them left at about 3:20pm Sunday Oct. 31, non-day-light-savings time.

someone else can do the math.

Yeah, who would have thought?

In the future we may have to include a sunrise end time ;) lol

It really is too bad you didn't stay :(

But I completely understand about the knife woman. :D

Diana said...

LOL! I like the knife. It makes me happy. :D

Oh, and you definitely should have stayed, Greg. You would've had fun. Next time! :D

Frankie said...

There's going to be a next time... oh heaven forbid... I don't know that the world can handle that much godhead in one evening! I know I can't! ;)

Roverandom said...

i like to think i think deep
introspection such as this is the
death of deep thinking

Diana said...

That's not what you said last night, Frankie! ;)