Friday, November 05, 2004

(1) What and who is there to hate, and why? I find less and less all the time. Definitely a positive. Of course, that's this week. What about next?

(2) The joys of a wireless keyboard are endless. Seriously.

(3) "'Cathy,' I said as we boarded a Greyhound in Pittsburgh, 'Michigan seems like a dream to me now...'"

(4) The agape feast was cool, except for the styrofoam bread. I doubt the symbol of the body of Christ is supposed to melt in your mouth. Don't you?

(5) I need to write letters. To Jana! And Diana, my charming Romanian pen pal whom I communicate with in French. The world is a convoluted place sometimes.

(6) "Watching the cars on the New Jersey turnpike--they've all come to look for America..."

(7) I found the bedding of my dreams today. Having such bedding in one's room, complete with the window treatments and the mosquito netting, would make one feel as though one had instantly stepped through a wormhole to India. (Oh the dark reds, the beads, the satin!) It's $659.49. Or something like that. Maybe God will have it for me in heaven. I'm hoping.

(8) K.C. has made me into a choppy-sentenced individual. I haven't decided whether or not to hurt him for it yet. (Chinese water torture?) ;)

(9) I love my robe. It's so soft, so green, so warm, so expensive, so mine.

(10) "And the moon rose over an open field..."


Greg said...

Simon and Garfunkel!!!!!!
I like your taste. It's rather similar to mine and I like me.

Diana said...

LOL! I like me too. Is this some sort of reciprocal compliment or not? I can't tell anymore. ;)

Greg said...

Well... I was just trying to be funny and self-centered. But if reciprocity is what you desire, reciprocity is what you shall have. Umm... Good for you!

I don't know anymore. :-)

Diana said...

Well, I was trying to take it in the best possible light towards myself.

Oh, wait, we should stop the parallels, shouldn't we? ;)