Saturday, November 13, 2004

In the tradition of one of my all-time favourite websites, I shall now sum up Puccini's Turandot.

Prince: My father is blind, and exiled, and I seek to bring more misery upon him through the foolish desires of my loins! Aha! Here's my chance! Yonder is a cruel and beautiful Princess who doesn't want to marry anyone!

Princess: No one shall possess me! And if some sort of anonymous Stranger tries, I shall torture the loyal servantgirl of his blind father until she tells me the Stranger's name! That's the ticket!

Prince: My fire shall melt your ice!

Princess: Go away!

Prince kisses Princess.

Princess: You have ruined me, and taken away my glory! But I love you!

Prince: You are mine...MINE!

The End


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Of all of the comments I've gotten on this entry, I really was looking for YOURS when I wrote it. LOL!