Thursday, December 30, 2004

And here is what I have to say today:

  • Stop, stop, STOP clinging to people who make you miserable. If there are bad feelings from either end, don't just make it worse by maintaining unneeded constant close contact with those people. Just stop, and many things will likely right themselves in your life.

  • Garbage-bagging down a snowy hill at 2:30am is really, really fun.

  • Grobanites are incredibly cool. (Hi Trasi and Stacey and Tami!) :)

  • Hurrah for Chapters!

  • People in this country and America do not know the meaning of the word pain. Someone needs to do a documentary, and I'm the woman to do it. I just need a film student. C'mon, it'll be fun. Sort of.

  • Schindler is my hero.

  • Visited my grandpa's brother in the nursing home the other day. He has always had "spastic paralysis," or whatever that means today. He sure loves his harmonicas though.

  • I'm thinking I need to go to the Middle East. I always did have a crush on Aladdin. Oh those Middle Eastern men...

  • Donate to the Red Cross (Canadian or otherwise), or ADRA, or something. But do it. Those 120 thousand people need it more than you need a new CD. I promise.
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