Saturday, December 11, 2004

So someone said they wanted to know what I was thinking. Apparently, this person feels that that is what blogging is all about. Pshaw, I say! Can't I just collect the thoughts of others? I mean, I know Emerson would disapprove whole-heartedly, but he's dead, so who cares?! ;)

What am I thinking? Today I'm pondering how difficult it is to take the bad along with the good in others. Granted, also not a terribly original thought. But I think it's something that has day-to-day relevance. All that life consists of is various types of interaction between people. Accepting others isn't easy for everyone. I admire thoroughly those people who can do it and make it seem as though it comes naturally. I realize I'm being rather vague. (Always my downfall in scholastic analysis.) But I'm an INFJ! I'm supposed to be abstract. So there!

Well, the train of sleep is leaving the station, and I still have to get through the division between platforms. Bon nuit, mes amis!

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