Wednesday, December 01, 2004

This is the most awesome song ever.

Beers Are Not Enough
(Tears Are Not Enough parody)

As every ship comes in
From Canada again
We open it and we begin to wail

They could have sent us wheat
Or something we could eat
But not another case of Molson's ale

The Chinese they came through
With dinner number two
And extra plum sauce on the side

But Canadians are weird
They always send us beer
And we can't stop them,
Though we've tried

So when you send assistance
When you send it all that distance
Don't you know that beers are not enough
It's hard to stand and we're all sober
Just one beer would knock us over
Heaven knows that beers are not enough

The Swiss they sent us cheese
We got rice from the Japanese
And Mexico sent us something warm and brown

The British sent us spam
With buttered scones and jam
And cups of tea to wash it down

Chorus x 2

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