Sunday, December 12, 2004

What is this curse, this doom? Why must history repeat itself like this? Ecclesiastes my foot. Can there truly be nothing new under the sun? At least, for me? It's like trying to figure out which of a thousand keys will unlock a door, without a light, and without hope.

Why does the door have to be locked? Why can't I just open it and step through? All the wanting in the world, however, doesn't manufacture a flashlight or make the key in my hand the right one. I deeply envy whoever has the key that fits this door.


Greg said...

So, yeah, that's pretty vague.

[Puts futuristic Diana mind reading hat on]
[Information overload! Head asplodes]

So life sucks right now. Most likely it will get better. Is there any way to advise you to sojourn on without sounding trite?? No? Damn.

So go put on your favorite happy song. The one that you love for no good reason. It's simple, has a good memory attached to it, whatever. It's happy. Play it. Play it again. See the problems come and go, but the music lasts forever. Thats the gift of pop music.

That and go watch High Fidelity. It's the most depressing comedy you'll see.

Diana said...

I like depressing. In fact, I glory in depressing. You knew that, didn't you? LOL!