Monday, January 17, 2005

I remember when I had that too... When it seemed that time would only deepen and strengthen that which was. It happened so fast, and yet appeared so strong, so deep, so unbreakable. But time had not been my friend, and I was left to question, to wonder, to sort through the pieces of my heart. It was an illusion.

Was it?

There was nothing real in it.


If there had been, it would not have turned out this way.

Oh no?

It was only confusion, misperception, underdeveloped sensibilities.

There was nothing else?

There may have been. But it is gone, and was gone, and will always be gone. Forever.

Gone it is. Forever.

I can't know anything about the past for certain.

Neti, neti.


Greg said...

"I can't know anything about the past for certain."

Or anything else, for that matter.

Diana said...

Of course not! :)

I was just making a point clear. LOL :D