Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Phantom of the Opera

Oh how I want to see the movie. I tried, on Christmas Day, but it didn't work out. Sniffle. I wish I had a car.

I used to listen to the Canadian cast soundtrack (back then it was on tape) over and over and over as a child until I had all of the lyrics, and every swell of music memorized... I read the book, and I had to have the piano book. It's currently sitting in a tattered mess on my keyboard. It's the only thing my piano teachers could get me to practice. I played the whole book through over and over and over... I even got a smiley sticker for "All I Ask of You"... And I loved "Music of the Night".

Sniffle. Someone take me to see it? Please?

(See how I'm abandoning my pride? It means this is serious.)

You will curse the day you did not do all that the Phantom asked of you...


Greg said...


Anything else?

Diana said...

Well, now that you mention it, I did have a short list here... ;) :D