Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I Think the World Needs a Drink
by Terri Clark

Turned on the TV
More crime in the streets
More trouble in the Middle East
And fires out west

Politicians flingin' dirt
Got dissention in the church
Another law suit in the works
Man, you talk about a mess

Too much tension between
Miss Liberty and the Eiffel Tower
It's about time we all made up
At some big happy hour

I think the world needs a drink
I think enough's enough
She's been spinnin' around so long
I'd say she's pretty wound up
Calm down, sit back, relax
Tear up the contracts and save the ink
Yeah, I think the world needs a drink

I bet we'd get somethin' done
Over two-for-ones
Rubbin' elbows with the big guns
Wouldn't that be cool

Call all the rich and the poor
The peace keepers and the warlords
We'll cut some deals over nothing more
Than a shot of 90-proof

There ain't nothin' wrong
A few cold beers can't iron out
In fact you tell me just when and where
And I'll buy the first round

Don't you think the world needs
A couple drinks

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