Saturday, February 26, 2005

Kids amuse me.

Overheard in the ladies' washroom of the Cheesecake Factory...
Little Girl: Mommy, why are you putting that thing on the seat?
Mommy: I always do that.
Little Girl: Daddy doesn't ever do that.
Mommy: He doesn't??
Little Girl: No.
Mommy: Well, you tell Daddy next time that he'd better use one. There are all kinds of germs and diseases you can pick up from these toilets...

Overheard in Barnes & Noble, Kids' Section...
Grandmother: Oh, look, here's a book about Dr. Martin Luther King!
Little Girl in Stroller, ignoring her: *gasp* Look! My Little Pony!

And, by the way, I love Fashion Island.


Greg said...

Who wouldn't love Fashion Island? They have a Brooks Brothers and an Apple Store. Feed me and I'm set for life.

Diana said...

I SAW the Apple Store. And I thought, Ewww...Just kidding! :D