Monday, March 07, 2005

Laguna and Idyllwild this weekend. I'm so glad Tami's here. We actually do stuff when we have company. Fun times. Except that, once again, I forgot my camera. Why do I even have one? It's ridiculous.

We saw a whale at Laguna, and an old man contemplating his bottle of medication. He looked resigned.

We drove up to the trailhead up at Idyllwild. Paul said it would show us what "dark" really was. He was right. I haven't seen so many stars in recent memory. I think it was just because we were closer to them. :)

- Are you scared?
- No, but let's get in the car.


Ayejae said...

This has got to be the first time in weeks you've posted an actual event! Anyways, seemed like you enjoyed it, tres bien!

Diana said...

True, I don't generally elaborate on my life a lot. I don't assume people care enough to read that sort of thing. LOL I try to keep summaries of events short, and hopefully a little bit interesting. Don't want to bore my public, you know. ;)