Monday, March 28, 2005

You're never out anymore. The assumption now is that you're always in. Out is over. Now you are always in. And when you are always in, you are always on. And when you are always on, what are you most like? A computer server.
- Thomas L. Friedman, Longitudes and Attitudes

Thanks to Mr. Friedman, I have decided to establish Phone Hours. From now on, I will only be taking calls and text messages on Monday and Wednesday from 1pm-5pm for any reason, Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm-8pm for any reason, and Friday through Sunday at any time after noon only for leisurely chat. The only reasons that I expect to be called or text-messaged aside from those hours will be in the following situations:

1) Someone is dead/dying.
2) Something is on fire.
3) You want to take me out for ice cream.

If you insist on calling me outside those hours, know that you will be leaving a voice mail message, and I shall choose whether or not to answer you immediately. If you text me outside those hours, I may or may not answer you. If, in your mind, it is truly an emergency, call my room phone, begin to leave a message, and I might pick up if you sound frantic enough.

Not to be unfriendly or anything, but I'm tired of being reachable all the time. So there you have it. :)

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