Sunday, May 08, 2005

Do you have to hurt someone else to understand the point of view of those who have hurt you, to forgive them? Because any lack of forgiveness only hurts you, and, for myself, I'd rather keep it that way.


Greg said...

You're asking two questions and answering the second one yourself. I think sadly the first is likely affirmative and that is one kind of understanding I'm not sure I want.

It's the whole sympathy vs. empathy discussion. While it's possible to sympathize and lack experience, you can not empathize. Do you require empathy to forgive? I hope not.

Diana said...

Oh good heavens! I'm so glad you understand what I was trying to get across. Apparently not everyone did. LOL!

And, yes, I too hope that one doesn't need empathy to forgive, but it appears that, in this instance, it really accelerated the process for me. I would've rather taken the long road and avoided having empathy.