Saturday, June 18, 2005

I've rediscovered the wonders of Toronto. When I'm back in my homeland in August, I plan to rediscover them further.

I saw Danny Michel at the Rivoli! He's an amazing performer--hilarious, adorable, and talented. Really nice guy too! Perhaps I'll put up the picture of us, even though it's rather unattractive.

One of his opening acts was Dayna Manning, who was also quite fun to listen to. Like Danny, she was amusing, particularly when she sang a derogatory song about Paris Hilton. Now that's hot!

Luke Doucet was there as well! (For those of you who don't follow Canadian music--haha--he is a guitarist who used to tour with Sarah McLachlan.) He played with Danny on a few songs.

The most amusing bit, however, was when Andy Kim appeared and sang two of his hits: "Sugar Sugar" and "Rock Me Gently."

I love Canada. :)


Greg said...

Yay! Live music is exciting.

You're returning to the socialist state in August? :-D

Diana said...

Yes, I'm coming back here at the end of August/beginning of September. Well, so that I can go to Boston, actually. And then possibly North Dakota, if I can work things out well enough. Hurrah!