Sunday, June 26, 2005

Monica and I went to Tim Horton's tonight. We were just drinking tea, talking, and generally having a good time until around 1:30am. We noticed that there was a girl with a backpack who had been there the whole time we were, and seemed to be sleeping at one of the tables, off and on. It was kind of odd, and we wondered about it. As we were leaving, Monica asked her if she needed a ride somewhere. She told us that she had nowhere to go, that she'd been in the John Howard housing program but that they'd kicked her out that night, that she'd overdosed on her prescription drugs that day and had been in the hospital, that she was supposed to be resting because of that, that her boyfriend lived just around the corner but his parents wouldn't allow her to stay at their house... In any case, we told her we'd try to find something for her. She seemed really nice and genuine, and was very young--maybe 16. We saw a police car and stopped to ask them if they knew of a place for her to go, and they went and talked to her, so we figured she'd be all right. In any case, I obviously don't really know anything about her situation, but if any of you have an extra spot in your prayers, I'm sure she could use it.

As could my friend Connie, who is in the very last stages of cancer that has spread throughout her body. She's not very lucid anymore, particularly these last few days, with all of the drugs they've been giving her to ease the pain, and she will not last much longer.

I will cry unto God most high; unto God that performeth all things for me.
- Psalm 57:2

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