Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Who can read the Declaration of Independence and not respond with a strong affirmation? Who can read the Bill of Rights and not stand more erect? Who can study the Constitution of the United States and not be grateful for the genius of its authors and the protection it affords to the citizens of this land? I find it no embarrassment to love my country... This is not to suggest that citizens of other countries should not be equally loyal to their motherland. We have often lacked the imagination to understand that simple fact. Surprise has sometimes been expressed when nations benefiting from our material gifts have preferred their own ways of doing things and have not adopted our foreign policies. Even in the church we have not always understood when Christian converts prefer their own lands and withstand our subtle attempts at westernization. We should rather rejoice in mutual love of our countries. Love that is imperialistic is a perverse love.
- Dr. Wayne K. Clymer, from Amos: Love It or Leave It

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