Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Here's a little something for all you internety folks:

The Information Superhighway

is a sewer pipe from America

it's staying home forever
and falling in love with a computer.

It's the story of Hardware Man & Software Girl
setting off together on a kitchen adventure.

It's staying home forever:
push a button & a remote controlled custard pie
flies in the video compere's eyes.
"Interactive" is when you get
to spit back.

My house is a city state.
Outdoors there's a weird fog
I don't want to go out in.
Forests are flattened to fuel
computer factories,
the trees are routed once & for all.

When the last tiger in the wild died
the tigers in the zoo just vanished

- by S. K. Kelen


Sparkala said...

I like it. :P

Diana said...

Thank you! You are the only one! :D