Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Here are some things I've realized I must do before I die:

  • Name a girl child Tatiana.
  • Name a boy child Stanislav.
  • Learn Latin.
  • Smoke a pipe.
  • Write a fantasy novel extensively involving the ocean.
  • Visit Berlin.
  • Attend a Star Trek convention.
  • Read Homer.
  • Take jazz dance again.
  • Play at Carnegie Hall (even if breaking in is involved).
  • Read some Chekov.
  • Watch every episode of Star Trek ever made and released.
  • Faint at least once.
  • Live somewhere with a pool.
  • Own a cat that is not spayed and permit it to have kittens.
  • Correspond extensively with C. J. Cherryh.
  • Win something based on merit.
  • Visit NASA headquarters.
  • Learn to cook wonderful things with fresh herbs.
  • Travel across the Pacific by ship.
  • See that my mother gets a horse again.

    There are lots more somewhere else (tucked into the recesses of my brain, for example), but here are a few, for posterity and for you.
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