Tuesday, November 07, 2006

oh heavens.
teel is like a plague.
i heard him start to come up the stairs.
i had to grab my tape.
and fumble with my keys.
but he was practically jogging up.
i fumbled some more.
he kept on coming.
thunk thunk thunk
finally, i managed to get the key in the lock...
but then it got stuck!
i wiggled and wiggled for what seemed like an eternity...
thunk thunk thunk
finally, it came loose.
and i scampered into the hall.
and hid behind the door, which was closing painfully slowly...
and then, click i was safe.

- an unintentional semi-poem, brought to you by Diana's subconscious


Frankie said...

HAHAHAHAHA! I love it! Thank you!

Diana said...

No prob, Frankie. ;)

Greg said...

And this is exactly why you should use your ID card for the door. :-P

Of course the man came looking for me. So you were safe, dammit. I however, am engaged for this sabbath next. :-(

Sparkala said...

LOL! He does generally want something beyond a nice chat. :P

Diana said...

Wow. The innuendo there is just, well, creepy! :D