Sunday, April 25, 2004

The best time to write in one's blog is when one has had significantly insignificant amounts of sleep.

So how are you on this dark evening? I ask thee, how? It is rather shadowy. Perhaps that is because the sun is living under June. Did that make sense? I hope not, because if it did, then you're on something, man, and you need to GET OFF IT!

Today's five things to be happy about are quite APROPOS, as the saying goes...

a homemade taco dinner
reading aloud to someone
a stunning view
Keds Originals

Now, you can't say those aren't fantastic! If you do, I know where you live. And I had ice cream today, so that should frighten you into submission.

See what I mean about the insane exhaustion? It works absolute wonders for the mind, wouldn't you say, wot wot?!

Keep in mind that drinking water is a very important part of your day. Don't forget. If you do, things that are unpleasant in nature might very well inflict themselves upon you. Really.

And one more thought for this evening, since I think we will all agree that I should cut this short right now. And it is from Quotable Canada, a marvelous gift that was bestowed upon me by my mother on the glorious occasion of Easter.

"Canadians represent, as it were, the least militant North American minority group. The white, Protestant, heterosexual ghetto of the North."
-Mordecai Richler, Canadian writer and essayist

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Easter! The time to curse your relatives that happen to live in small college dorm rooms with truckloads of candy! HA! Just kidding. It's quite wonderful. I just wish I had an extra room, for storage.

I had a MARVELOUS Easter weekend! (Wink wink, nudge nudge.) :)

...But I am going to be incredibly ill for a long period of time. One shouldn't give such quantities of chocolate to someone like me...

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Ah birthdays. They're great. Sometimes. And this time, quite lovely it was indeed.

I mean, I even got ESKER WATER. What could be cooler (at least in the world of bottled water)? Very little, I assure you. Very little. And in this case, that little is Perrier. But beyond that...

I apologize for neglecting you, my loyal public. I know how desperate and wretched you must have been while I was off gallivanting about Europe.

Well now I have returned, and I have lots to do, since I'm in Philosophy, History, French, and Honours. So, I'm sorry, but you may be blessed with less of my inaneness for a while. I know it's devastating, but try to work through it. Don't bottle it up. It's healthy to express your frustrations and disappointments. Just don't do it with my comment function. (HAHA, just kidding. Feel free to extoll my virtues all you like.)

It's late and I'm tired, and I need to be in bed in 5 minutes. So this is the end of this. Now.