Sunday, July 31, 2005

They never will stop fighting, will they?

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Oh, Italy... How I long for thee, my darling mistress!
It wasn't Lyra's way to brood; she was a sanguine and practical child, and besides, she wasn't imaginative. No one with much imagination would have thought seriously that it was possible to come all this way and rescue her friend Roger; or, having thought it, an imaginative child would immediately have come up with several ways in which it was impossible. Being a practiced liar doesn't mean you have a powerful imagination. Many good liars have no imagination at all; it's that which gives their lies such wide-eyed conviction.
- from The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman
Another ring! A different kind. Not diamond. Something rarer...

(...but what?)

Oh. Right... I forgot. I can't have those.

They all already belong to someone else.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Linda Thompson told me that I should dress her.

I think that being invited to a party at a $40 million estate spoils one for life.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Yeah, well, I could dance like Baby too...if I had a Johnny.
In a Past Life...

You Were: An Insane Beekeeper.

Where You Lived: Tibet.

How You Died: Buried alive.

100 Years by Five for Fighting

"Every day's a new day...
15 there's still time for you
Time to buy and time to choose
Hey 15, there's never a wish better than this
When you only got 100 years to live"

2004 was about thinking and reflecting - but isn't every year?

Your Summer Love Style is Serious
While others may be into a summer fling, you're about the real thing.
And there's a good chance you're already serious with someone already.
For you, the summer is about getting closer and more committed.
Just don't get tempted by any of that hot weather eye candy!

Okay... That's enough.
Remember Rule 10 of the Rules of Acquisition: Greed is eternal.
The Island.


Save us from ourselves! (I'm not sure who I'm asking.)

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Magnolia: [rambling about why Palm Springs is so remarkably hot, weather-wise]
Dominique: But you guys have all those fans!

Spotted on a t-shirt:

by Michelle Branch

Turn it inside out so I can see
The part of you that's drifting over me
And when I wake you're, you're never there
But when I sleep you're, you're everywhere
You're everywhere

Just tell me how I got this far
Just tell me why you're here and who you are
'Cause every time I look
You're never there
And every time I sleep
You're always there

'Cause you're everywhere to me
And when I close my eyes it's you I see
You're everything I know
That makes me believe
I'm not alone
I'm not alone

I recognize the way you make me feel
It's hard to think that
You might not be real
I sense it now, the water's getting deep
I try to wash the pain away from me
Away from me

'Cause you're everywhere to me
And when I close my eyes it's you I see
You're everything I know
That makes me believe
I'm not alone
I'm not alone

I am not alone
Whoa, oh, oooh, oh

And when I touch your hand
It's then I understand
The beauty that's within
It's now that we begin
You always light my way
I hope there never comes a day
No matter where I go
I always feel you so

'Cause you're everywhere to me
And when I close my eyes it's you I see
You're everything I know
That makes me believe
I'm not alone
'Cause you're everywhere to me
And when I catch my breath
It's you I breathe
You're everything I know
That makes me believe
I'm not alone

You're in everyone I see
So tell me
Do you see me?

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Some Things:

  • If you want to see an awesome performance from Live 8, watch this.

  • Derora: All my life, I prayed for someone like you. And I thank G-d that I...that I finally became Jewish...
    (Don't ask. I mean it.)

  • I'm fairly sure my wrist isn't supposed to twitch like that.

  • Yes, Princes of Malibu is a disgrace--a blot on the record of the illustrious David Foster. However, there is a silver lining to this toxic pop culture cloud: Big Dume! Real talent! Who knew?!

  • Kelly is a hero, because he rescued poor little broken-legged One from the clutches of an evil olive tree. He shall be lauded appropriately. Commence.
  • Monday, July 18, 2005

    Sunday, July 17, 2005

    God made sin so we might know His mercy.
    - Rufus Sewell as "Marco Venier" in Dangerous Beauty

    While many of his lines are cheesy in that particular movie (though it still manages to be one of my favourites, somehow), that was worth the audio equipment it was recorded with. Times ten.

    Friday, July 15, 2005

    I find that data entry is tedious, yet rewarding.

    I'm pretty sure that means I'm insane.

    Wednesday, July 13, 2005

    Monday, July 11, 2005

    Last night I dreamt that I was on crack...

    ...for medicinal purposes.

    Sunday, July 10, 2005

    I feel inspired.

    Who wants to take jiu-jitsu with me?
    I went to see Stephen Sondheim's 75th birthday celebration. Naturally, I went mainly to see Josh, but I also quite enjoyed Bernadette Peters, Anne Hathaway (surprisingly enough), Eric McCormack (I love that he's Canadian), Angela Lansbury (though I honestly only could think of Mrs. Potts while she sang), Barbara Cook, Audra McDonald, and Elaine Stritch and Carol Burnett, both of whom I got to meet! :)

    Oy, now I must go, because I'm being harangued into going to Magic Mountain. Perhaps I will, perhaps I won't. I'm a very busy woman and I haven't got all day, you know. :D

    Thursday, July 07, 2005

    "The contrast between what we've seen on the TV screens here, what's taken place in London, what's taken place here is incredibly vivid to me," Bush said.

    "On the one hand, we got people here who are working to alleviate poverty and to help rid the world of the pandemic of AIDS and that are working on ways to have a clean environment. And on the other hand, you've got people killing innocent people," he said. "And the contrast couldn't be clearer between the intentions and the hearts of those of us who care deeply about human rights and human liberty, and those who kill, those who've got such evil in their heart that they will take the lives of innocent folks."
    - from an MSNBC article


    Tuesday, July 05, 2005


    Sorry I'm a little late on that one. I was busy communing with my delightful family yesterday. :)

    Note: Much as I appreciate the patriotic American spirit that inspires many of us to decorate for the 4th of July, the blow-up Uncle Sams are a little tacky.

    Live 8 was awesome and I am unbelievably glad I got to go, despite all of the unexpected difficulty I had getting there. (Thanks, Nikki... You've no idea how much I adore you. LOL!)

    I'm back in Riverside. It isn't as bad as I'd remembered. ;)

    This is not only going to be the Summer of Reading and the Summer of Fitness, but it is also going to be the Summer of Algebra and the Summer of Cooking. (Being a well-rounded individual takes energy and focus. Having energy and focus takes energy and focus as well. Hmmm...)

    I leave you now, so that I may eat, since it is one of my very favourite activities. :D

    Friday, July 01, 2005


  • Canadians glow.

  • Yesterday, Canada was down. That's right! Yesterday, Canada couldn't get on the internet. Make of that what you will.

  • Overheard, in Royal Bank:
    Father, to son: I once held a thousand dollar bill in my hand, Nathan! I did! It was...purple.

  • When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.
    - Franklin D. Roosevelt