Thursday, March 11, 2010

Here's one from last night.

It was Easter, and my ragtag band of adolescent thugs and I were planning on breaking into College Park Church (motive unknown). Before we could perpetrate this heinous act, however, we were distracted by my aunt, Judy, who gave me a small package of Peeps. Except they weren't Peeps. They were called Clucks, and they were actually real tiny baby chicks. And I had a bear of a time trying to keep them in their little tray.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I am going to start recording short versions of my dreams here, so that you "all" know how exhausting and bizarre my dreamlife is.

My roommate (unidentifiable) and I were hosting a costume party in our very modern apartment, built in a large tree. I was exceptionally proud of my Star Trek admiral's uniform, but was soon disappointed to see several of our guests arrive in other Star Trek uniforms (all ranked below me, luckily). In the midst of the celebration, there was a sudden, violent earthquake, and in the commotion my roommate pushed our circular glass coffee table out a plate glass window, screaming, "Fine, just take it! TAKE IT!" and sobbing.

There you have it. Insanity at its finest. And that's only the beginning.